International prescriptions

These are the requirements of a prescription to be filled by LOCATEL
Health & Wellness. Please make sure that ALL requirements are specified:

• Name of Patient
• Patient's date of birth
• Name of Medication AND its Generic
• Detail Strength (25mg, 10%, etc)
• Quantity in Units (30 tablets, 10 pills, 15ml, 100g, etc.)
• Dosage (how the medication will be taken: 1 tablet per day)
• Physician's Signature
• Physician's Seal with registration number
• Physician's printed Name, Address and Phone Number

You can bring the original prescription or your Doctor can Fax it to the following fax numbers:
Hallandale: 954-416-1203 (From USA)  |  212 203.4613 (From Venezuela)
Bird Galloway: 786-456-7135 (From USA)  |  212 203.4542 (From Venezuela)

Controlled prescriptions cannot be accepted. Only original prescriptions and prescriptions faxed directly to the pharmacy from the doctor´s office can be accepted. Ask pharmacist for details.